The Only Way To Go… Is Up

successMany people want to achieve success in life, but it’s easier said than done. There are so many distractions that it can be challenging to discipline oneself to accomplish a monumental goal.

“Success is a result not a goal.”


I envisage that this quote has a lot of meaning.

In the dictionary the definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. Continue reading

There Is Beauty Everywhere

landscape-mountains-nature-lakeBeautiful trees surround us. Flowers bloom with beautiful colors. We are graced with the presence of fresh, clean and filtered water.

Emptied water bottles lay on the ground as well as paper, old wrappers, juice boxes.

You glance at them quickly then turn away, acting like you had never seen it. Oh! I’ll pick up next time, you think.

Our land on the other hand is living a nightmare. We may not be able to see the effects with clarity, but it is being polluted. Continue reading

We Have, We have, We have…

world with peopleWe take a lot for granted. We have food, a house, a family. If I wanted to, right now, I could go play outside with my friends. We have iPods, iPads, phones, and computers. We have education.

We have, we have, we have…

People in Pakistan or Afghanistan do not have. Their countries are ruled by dictatorship, they have strict rules. If they somehow bypass or break the rules they will automatically be sent to jail or you’ll pay major consequences. They can’t just step out of the house and not be afraid that they may be sent to jail. Continue reading

Thinking Out Loud

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Hey! This might be a slightly short post but a couple of weeks ao Mackenzie and I were thinking of something super weird but it made me think a lot.

Think about if there was no world. Nothing.

We wouldn’t be alive. There was nothing. If you think about for a long it can get very confusing and then you question your existence. Continue reading