What Happened To A White Christmas?

oaktree-monoI’m kind of sad guys! I don’t even want to say this but I think it is going to be a white Christmas. I can’t even picture looking outside and not seeing delightful white crystalized snow drifting through the wind. Instead we will have a green Christmas. It won’t even be green when you look outside all you will see is the dead brown branches and dead grass that looks like hay.

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You Need To Read These!

Book and lightToday I am going to be talking about my favorite books. I would really recommend these books to you guys. I hope you like the selection of books I suggest to you are worth every second you read them.

Here it goes:

  1. The first book I recommend is Girl Online. These is pretty much self-explanatory because I talk about this book is awesome! This nail biting book would be great to read over the holidays with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. But you can definitely read this book all year round and I promise you there is no boring aspect of this book.
  2.  The second book I recommend to you is Miracle On 34th Street. This Christmassy book is perfect for the holidays. This is more of an old my book. My mom bought me the movie and it was amazing so I rented the book at my public library. You will be reading this book till the last chapter because once you start you can’t stop.
  3. The third book I recommend to you is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This book is a classic. It has the right amount of intensity and adventure. This incredible book will leave reading more. Trust me. Mackenzie and I read this book in three days because we were addicted. It was worth every second.

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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year





Hey guys! Today I am going to be talking about the most wonderful time of the year. Reading this you probably already have guessed what amazing event I am going to be talking about.

If you guessed Christmas then you are absolutely right!

Today I am just going, to be talking about the trees, decorations and gift giving stay till the end for 3 easy gift ideas. Continue reading

Time Passes By Too Quickly

clockWow! Did you realize that 2015 is almost done! I find that is crazy to think of. 2015 went by like a breeze. Did you know what that means? It is almost New Year’s! 2016 is coming!!! I find that even more insane.

My 2015 was amazing. I met a lot of new people which means I made new friends. I am currently 11 years old which means next year (more like three months from now) I will be turning 12 and that means I will be in high school next year!!!

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