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Hello, my name is Cass which is actually a pseudonym (fake name) so that I can stay anonymous.

I am 11 years old well actually I will be turning 12 on March 12th. So, basically I am actually 12 but that doesn’t really matter.

I live in Québec, Canada and I go to a school named St-Lawrence. If you couldn’t already tell I’m in 6th grade.

I am fully bilingual. So, I speak French and English. I am also learning how to speak Spanish.

In our school we learn all our subjects in French except for English.

In my family, I have my brother, my mom and my dad.

My dad comes from Trinidad and Tobago, a small island.

My family is humongous! My dad has 5 siblings and my mom has 4 siblings but counting my second cousins, cousins, aunt, uncles, my dad’s cousins and aunts. I could go all day but as you can see I have a lot of members in my family.

Sometimes, I get confused when I meet people from my family for the first time. It could be like my grandmother’s brother’s kid’s child. I know very confusing.

I am very passionate about hockey. I was inspired by my brother who was also a goalie. I always loved watching hockey but playing was a little scary and especially playing with boys but one day I decided to try it out. Very smart decision of mine.

Right now I play for an all-boys team and I enjoy it very much.

Even though my dad comes from the Caribbean he is a super big fan of hockey.

My whole family roots for the Montreal Canadiens.

He also knows a lot about hockey, from positon to technique. He has been coaching for 16 years and he is currently my hockey coach.

I also like to bake/ cook with my aunt in my free time.

A random fact about me is that I love McDonald’s and Starbuck’s (my guilty pleasures).

If you check out my blog, you will find obligatory posts such as Lest We Forget, Christmas Carousel and reading logs but you can certainly find free choice posts where I basically write about anything.

In rare occasions, I might write micro posts (minimal writing).

See you next time!


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. My fave TV show is also PLL I love it so much im in season 7 and its not out yet so its really sucky but its coming out so im so exited . What is your fave girl and also what season are you at?

    • Hey Claire! Like you I am also at season 7. Still waiting for it to come out…:(. I hope the season is interesting. My favourite girl is probably Hanna. Who’s your favourite character?

  2. Dear Cass,

    My name is Amanda from https://amandassoccericandy.edublogs.org/
    I can relate to when you said you have a big family. I also have a hard time remembering names in my family! I like how you expressed different things about you while making your writing consistent. I really enjoyed reading all about you!


  3. Hi Cass,
    We have a lot of things in common such as:
    1. We both love hockey. I am on a girls team and I don’t know how you stand being on a boys team! 😉
    2. We both like to cook and bake. I live to bake desserts such as scones, donuts, and cookies. What do you like to bake?
    3. My whole family is the number 1 fans for the Montreal Canadians too! 😀
    4. My brother is also a goalie and started hockey all together before me.
    Please check out my blog and comment at: http://anna1111.edublogs.org/
    Also, please reply to this comment! 😛
    Anna 🙂

  4. Hello this is Isabelle Online from http://isabelleonlineb.edublogs.org/
    I really love your post about all about me. Did you know that I am also learning to speak spanish because my dad is born in Argentina. I am also bilingue because I am at the same school as you. And most of the students speek english and french.
    Thanks hope you can come read my blog
    Isabelle Online

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