Debating At Christmas Time

santaAnother tradition my family and I do is watch Christmas movies like the Grinch, Rudolph the red nose reindeer. I personally like the Grinch when its animated I find it is more of classic version then the real life one. My dad’s favorite movie of all time is Home Alone. I asked him why he loved it so much and he said he founds the movie quite hilarious. He only likes the first and the second one because of the main actor. On the other hand my mom totally disagrees she doesn’t like the main actor that much. We watch many other Christmas movies like Elf, Fred Claus, and Merry in Laws etc.


Books Are As Interesting As Movies

BOOKSToday I am going to be talking to you about watching the movie vs reading the book.

To be honest, I really like reading books but I also like watching movies. I know most of you would probably prefer watching the movie over the book.  If you are somebody that would watch the movie over the book it’s probably because you hate reading and find movies more interesting.

Did you ever have the thought to open a book and try to read because I will bet you know book s can be just as interesting as movies? Continue reading

Nike Unveiled Nike Mags From Back To The Future

mags nikeRecently, I was on Dogo News when I came across this very interesting post called “Nike unveils Marty Mcfly’s iconic power-lace shoes on Back to the Future”

We all know back to the future right? Or have at least heard of it. You will be surprised to know that Nike released a functional model of the famous Nike Mag sneakers the Marty wore in the movie. Nike said the technology can sense the foot and automatically tighten the lace in the lower part of the shoe, around the foot and also can close the strap. Not kidding you the shoes look exactly the ones in the movie and work exactly the same! It’s the real deal! Continue reading